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trusted by
state government of rajasthan

State Government of 
Rajasthan, India

Using Smart Paper we can measure the learning of every child, regardless of their digital access. Smart Paper has performed at a record-breaking scale of
4.5 million students in India.

How did the Rajasthan Government set the world record for the largest-ever Rollout of AI in Public Education?

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40 Million+ Smart  Papers Scanned

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500 million + data points collected

500 Million+ Data Points Collected


How it works 6.png

Are you having difficulties in administering exams at massive scale? Smart Paper Assessments can help you by providing a scalable pen-paper exam modality that can be instantly digitized using AI.

Scalable Exams.png

Scalable Exams

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Smart Exams require a printer, scanner, and one computer at the exam center. No need

to have one computer for each student, or calling students on different days of the exam.

Low Technology Requirement icon.png

Low Technology Requirement

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Consistently administer exams in all classrooms. Stop worrying about internet connectivity during the exams, Smart Paper Assessments can be digitized after the exam is conducted in the same

the manner for everyone.

Equitable Exam Implementation icon.png

Equitable Exam Implementation

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When Smart Paper Assessments are scanned, instant results are produced. The paper sheets can be scanned using any standard scanner, and do not require

answer sheets to be sent to a centralized scanning location.

Immediate Results icon.png

Immediate Results

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Our robust computer vision engine will

work with old and new phones having various types of camera lenses. The photo

processing is done on the cloud and allows for a glitch-free user experience.

Mobile Capture icon.png

Mobile Capture

How it works 6.png

Add transparency to your exam system. Every submission of Smart Paper Assessment captured the original photo of the exam paper and ensures the

availability of data to each stakeholder in

a transparent manner.

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How it works 6.png

Easily grade large exams by adding external staff and teaching assistants who can work together to grade the exam papers. You can manage users in your organization and the functions they can do.

Grading Staff Management icon.png

Grading Staff Management

How it works 6.png

Check the authenticity of captured photos, and make sure that you only accept photos

of exam papers. Our AI will not allow the submission of unrelated photos by invigilators.

Quality Check icon.png

Quality Management

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