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Case Study: Implementing Smart Paper at Vapi School

Schools are changing a lot because of new technology. This new tech helps make running a school easier and helps us better understand how students are doing in class. But even with all this help, teachers still wonder, "Am I really getting through to my students? Are they all learning at the same pace?"

That's where we come in. Our team from Smart Paper recently worked with Vapi School to test our new system. We wanted to see if Smart Paper could help solve these problems by making exams and grading not just easier, but also more meaningful.

Pilot Project of Vapi school with Smart Paper where students are giving there exam in their classroom

Our Mission at Vapi School

Smart Paper’s pilot at Vapi School covered Junior KG, Senior KG, Grade 1, and Grade 2 and spanned multiple subjects including Maths, Gujarati, Hindi, and English. The goal was to gauge how our software could enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the assessment process, while also delivering meaningful insights into student performance.

The Journey Begins: Our Visit to Vapi School

Teacher collecting their students paper

Upon arrival at Vapi School, we were welcomed warmly by the administration and faculty, who were eager to understand how Smart Paper could potentially revolutionize their current educational practices. After an initial briefing, we got down to business.

Phase 1: Tailoring Smart Paper to Vapi School’s Needs

In collaboration with teachers, we customized exam papers for each grade and subject through Smart Paper, ensuring that the assessments aligned closely with the school's curriculum.

Phase 2: Conducting the Exams

Teachers administered the examinations in their respective classes, maintaining the standard procedure they were accustomed to.

Phase 3: AI Powered Evaluation

After collecting the completed exam papers, our team took photographs of each and uploaded them to Smart Paper's platform. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Smart Paper autonomously fetched, scanned, and evaluated the answers.

Results and Feedback

Efficiency and Accuracy

The automation of the evaluation process resulted in a considerable reduction in administrative efforts and time. This allowed teachers to focus more on teaching and less on grading.

Competency Based Learning

Post assessment, Smart Paper provided detailed competency reports that highlighted each student's strengths & weaknesses in the tested subjects. This feature was particularly well-received by teachers who saw immense value in being able to customize future lessons based on these insights.

Positive Reception

Both teachers and the principal provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. They were particularly impressed with how effortlessly Smart Paper integrated into their existing system and the depth of insights it provided into student performance.

A Glimpse of Reality: Sample Question Papers

To provide you with a tangible sens e of what our collaboration with Vapi School entailed, we have made the question papers used for the pilot test available here. This is your chance to experience firsthand the type of competency-based assessments Smart Paper is designed to facilitate.


The Smart Paper pilot project at Vapi School was a resounding success, confirming that our technology holds the potential to significantly enhance educational assessment processes. We left Vapi School with a sense of accomplishment, gratified by the positive impact we could make and encouraged by the enthusiasm from the teachers and administration to continue using Smart Paper in their curriculum.

As we continue to refine and expand Smart Paper's capabilities, we look forward to partnering with more schools who are eager to revolutionize the way they approach educational assessments.

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