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Paper-Digital Integration
for EdTech Platforms

Use Smart Paper to deliver data and personalization to offline learners. Use paper-based formative assessments to understand students before they log in digitally.

  • Data collection for offline learners

  • More EdTech impact in classrooms that have low digital access

  • Reduced time to grade paper worksheets in classrooms

  • More personalization for offline students using data

  • Teachers can digitally check paper exams and provide feedback



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Our unique authoring tool allows

digitization of any paper page layout. Just add QR codes into page corners, define the layout in our digital tool, and your existing pages will become smart papers!

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Supports Existing Papers

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Integrate Smart Paper capabilities into

your platform by using our simple API that converts images of smart worksheets into actionable data points. Gathering learning data is now easy as clicking a photo!

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API Integration

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Do you want to expand the reach of your digital learning platform? Device access is not equal in education. Smart Paper

enables digital platforms to collect offline learning data from classrooms, enabling more personalization in EdTech.

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Data from Offline Learning

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Choose from various content types to

enable automatic scoring - checkmarks, numbers, decimals, fractions, equations,

and English words and sentences are supported out of the box.

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Multiple Content Types

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Custom Development for Smart Paper API Integration

  • Smart Paper can be integrated as an API into any existing EdTech platform

  • We provide software development support to integrate Smart Paper into all types of applications

  • Our team can also help you design a unique paper-digital integration interface based on the needs of your customers

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