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Dispel your test security woes with Smart Paper Assessments! No need to lock the computers and have webcams looking at

the students. Continue using the traditional

pen-paper exam modality with invigilators, and get the benefits of digitization.

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Test Security

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Easily grade large exams by adding external staff and teaching assistants who can work together to grade the exam papers. You

can manage users in your organization and the functions they can do.

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Grading Staff Management

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Are you finding it difficult to digitally administer exams? Use Smart Paper to conduct exams in the traditional way on paper. Use AI to save time grading

objective questions, and digitally

manage descriptive grading.

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Easy Exam Administration

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Our analytics system will help you track progress towards course and program objectives, and give you flexibility to export data that can be imported into your

existing systems.

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Objective Tracking

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Smart Paper Assessments require a printer and a scanner for ideal implementation.

No technology is required during the time

of the exam, lowering the requirements

of resources for assessments.

Low Technology Requirement icon.png

Low Technology Requirement

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