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Enabling Governments to
Assess at a Massive Scale

Digital divide prevents equitable access to assessment data. Use Smart Paper to collect census scale data with ease and efficiency.

  • Collect educational data from millions of learners

  • No need to invest in additional digital infrastructure

  • Easily track formative learning using widely workbooks and worksheets

Students learning in classroom and teacher scanning their homework using Smart Paper
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When classrooms don't have 1-1 digital access, getting assessment data from every child is difficult and expensive. But with Smart Paper, mobile phones can do the grading. Teachers save time and get much-needed insights at their fingertips in real-time. You can use Smart Paper API to add large-scale assessment capability to your platform.


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Consistently administer exams in all classrooms. Stop worrying about internet connectivity during the exams, Smart Paper Assessments can be digitized after the

the exam is conducted in the same

the manner for everyone.

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Equitable Exam Implementation

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Our robust computer vision engine will

work with old and new phones having various types of camera lenses. The photo

processing is done on the cloud and allows for a glitch-free user experience.

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Mobile Capture

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Our secure data storage mechanism allows on-premise and off-premise data storage that is in accordance with local data privacy laws. Paper scans in our system happen over an encrypted channel.

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Data Security

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Check the authenticity of captured photos, and make sure that you only accept photos

of exam papers. Our AI will not allow the submission of unrelated photos

by invigilators.

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Quality Check

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Add transparency to your exam system. Every submission of Smart Paper Assessment captured the original photo of the exam paper and ensures the

availability of data to each stakeholder in

a transparent manner.

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When Smart Paper Assessments are scanned, instant results are produced. The paper sheets can be scanned using any mobile camera or scanner, and do not

require answer sheets to be sent to a centralized scanning location.

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Immediate Results

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