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Are you finding it difficult to track learning progress in your school? Smart Paper Assessments will help you effortlessly track progress from your formative assessments. Whether you assess every week or every month, tracking the progress now means simply scanning the smart exam papers!

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Progress Tracking

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Integrate Smart Paper capabilities into your platform by using our simple API that converts images of smart worksheets into actionable data points. Gathering learning data is now easy as clicking a photo!

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Personalized Teaching

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Easily manage student work portfolios throughout the year. Give personalized feedback to students on their written work, and share tangible student progress with parents digitally and in-person meetings.

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Student Work Portfolio

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Instantly digitize observational assessment data with Smart Paper Assessments.

Just write down your observations in

Smart Paper sheets, and take a photo to digitize grades for all students!

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Observational Assessments

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Create competency-level report cards that help teachers, parents, and schools, track

the student's progress holistically.

Distribute the progress reports with one click using our platform!

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Report Cards

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