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Our LinkedIn Survey: Future of Paper in Education

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Recently, we did a survey on LinkedIn about the future of paper in education. Our survey received over 150 votes and showed us how people are thinking about the paper in education.

Paper and educational experiences

Paper is everywhere in education. In a world full of digital learning tools, worksheets and workbooks are used so much by the students. Even students who are enrolled in online virtual schools are printing and filling out worksheets while studying from home. This shows that despite all of the efforts to deliver education online, paper remains an extremely popular medium where students do their practice and homework.

The survey

To find out how people are thinking about the future of paper in education. we did a survey on Linkedin. Here is what we found out:

Question: What is the future of paper in education?

Total responses: 151

Paper will remain as it is 16%

Paper & Digital will integrate 59%

Digital will eliminate paper 23%

Other (comment your vision) 3%

Some interesting comments

We also received many comments, where people shared their detailed opinions. Here they are:

  • Digital writing pads might become popular in the future that can do better handwriting detection

  • Simulation technologies might become more popular, and young learners are enjoying digital learning more

  • Handwriting on digital devices might be the future

  • Writing on paper means extra effort than typing, writing should remain there whether on paper or on digital devices

  • Combining online and paper learning is better, writing helps us remember things better

  • Online submissions of student work decrease interest and curiosity towards the subject, paper/offline submissions give students more confidence

  • There will be more and more ways to combine paper and digital learning

  • Learning physically is the key thing as it brings a sense of belongingness, regardless of where it is happening (paper/digital)

So where are we headed?

The results of the survey clearly show that people believe in an integrated future of learning where paper and digital learning are integrated. We strongly support this vision of the future, and we want to champion this vision using our SmartPaper technology. We have designed SmartPaper so that students and teachers have the freedom to learn on both paper and digital.

To find out more about our technology, head to the home page of our website and take a look!

Thank you for reading!

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