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Digital divide prevents equitable access to assessment data. Use Smart Paper to collect census scale data with ease and efficiency.

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Large-Scale Assessments Using Smart Paper

Students learning in classroom and teacher scanning their homework using Smart Paper
  • Collect educational data from millions of learners

  • No need to invest in additional digital infrastructure

  • Easily track formative learning using widely workbooks and worksheets

When classrooms don't have 1-1 digital access, getting assessment data from every child is difficult and expensive. But with Smart Paper, mobile phones can do the grading. Teachers save time and get much-needed insights at their fingertips in real-time. You can use Smart Paper API to add large-scale assessment capability to your platform.

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Paper-Digital Integration for EdTech Platforms

Use Smart Paper to deliver data and personalization to offline learners. Use paper-based formative assessments to understand students before they
log in digitally.

  • Data collection for offline learners

  • More EdTech impact in classrooms that have low digital access

  • Reduced time to grade paper worksheets in classrooms

  • More personalization for offline students using data

  • Teachers can digitally check paper exams and provide feedback

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Paper-Digita Integraton
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Education Research for
Learning Scientists

By using Smart Paper, education researchers can get novel insights into offline student learning. Smart Paper collects handwriting image data to identify the problem-solving processes of the students at scale. Identify misconceptions and key areas of curriculum improvement using the data from our platform.

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Understand Formative Paper Learning

Get deep insights into how students are performing when they learn offline. Our technology enables you to fully understand how formative paper-based learning is happening among students.

With Smart Paper, you can observe the problem-solving processes of the students in classrooms. Find out where your students are struggling, and learn what specific instruction

they need.

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Custom Development for Smart Paper API Integration

  • Smart Paper can be integrated as an API into any existing EdTech platform

  • We provide software development support to integrate Smart Paper into all types of applications

  • Our team can also help you design a unique paper-digital integration interface based on the needs of your customers

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Custom Development
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Let's talk about how Smart Paper can help you solve critical problems!

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